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  (The Spectrum pdf Magazine)

IMPORTANT: Spectaculator 6.3 which is the newest version of this excellent Emulator is now allowed for competition on HARP. A huge thank you to Jonathan Needle for fixing the bugs that made it impossible to allow version 6.25 on HARP. To find the new version of Spectaculator go to the Links section.

Due to a bug in Spectaculator 6.25, its no longer allowed to upload recordings made with that version here at HARP Spectrum Zone. Please use the Freeware version, or the newest Shareware version 6.3. The only recordings that are valid made with 6.25 is those already online, or Speccy Tour recordings from before Tuesday 22nd 2005, 15:00 GMT.

Please read the Help page before starting to make recordings to submit here. You should also read this guide on how to record and playback your recordings, to be sure not to break any rules, which would get your recordings DQ'ed.

Questions, games suggestions or anything else Mail us.